1973 Porsche 911 RS/ST Homage

2.7L Engine : RS Rear Arches : Wevo Gearshifter


Make: Porsche

Model: 911T with 2.7L Engine

Date Registered: 1973

MOT Due: N/A

Engine: 2.7L flat six

Power: Circa 200 bhp 

Drivetrain: 5 sp manual, RWD

Mileage: 88,900 miles

01223 612052



The E series of 911s for 1972–1973 model years (August 1971 to July 1972 production) consisted of the same as previous models, but with a new, larger 2,341 cc engine. This is known as the "2.4 L" engine, despite its displacement being closer to 2.3 litres. For 1972 the 911T (Type 911/57) was carbureted, except in the US and some Asian markets where the 911T also came with (MFI) mechanical fuel injection (Type 911/51 engine) with power increase over European models (130 hp) to 140 hp commonly known as a 911T/E. With power and torque increase, the 2.4-litre cars also got a newer, stronger transmission, identified by its Porsche type number 915. Derived from the transmission in the 908 race car, the 915 did away with the 901 transmission's "dog-leg" style first gear arrangement, opting for a traditional H pattern with first gear up to the left, second gear underneath first, etc. The 911 RS was developed to meet motorsport homologation requirements. Compared to a standard 911S, the Carrera 2.7 RS had a larger engine (2,687 cc) developing 210 hp with Bosch (Kugelfischer) mechanical fuel injection, revised and stiffened suspension, a "ducktail" rear spoiler, larger brakes, wider rear wheels and rear fenders, to fit 185/70VR15 & 215/60VR15 Pirelli Cinturato CN36 tyres. In RS Touring form it weighed 1,075 kg, in Sport Lightweight form it was about 100 kg lighter, the saving coming from thin gauge steel used for parts of the body shell and also the use of thinner glass.  The 911 ST was produced in small numbers for racing (the production run for the ST lasted from 1970 to 1971). The cars were available with engines of either 1,987 cc (2.0 L) or 2,404 cc (2.4 L) displacement, having a power output of 270 hp at 8,000 rpm. Weight was down to 960 kg.

This stunning 1973 Porsche 911 has been sympathetically modified from a 911T into an RS/ST homage with the following specification:

  • 2.4S spec engine with 7R case with 2.2S pistons giving circa 200 bhp

  • Wevo gearshifter 

  • Previously rebuilt 915 gearbox

  • SSI stainless exhaust system

  • Hydraulic tensioners

  • Weber carburetors

  • MSD electronic ignition

  • RS front and rear bumpers

  • Oil cooler system from a 3.2 Carrera

  • RS style lightweight interior featuring Rallye ST seats, lightweight door panels/carpets

  • 911 R/ST roll bar

  • 19mm front / 22mm rear anti roll bars

  • Koni Sport shock absorbers

  • Elephant racing bushes

  • Weltmesiter front strut brace

  • Rear monoball kit

  • ​High torque starter
  • 911SC adjustable spring plates

  • Aluminium valve covers

  • Cibie Rallye lights

  • Ducktail engine cover

The car is showing just 89k miles which appears to be genuine from the history available and is finished in Light Yellow (code 117) with a black lightweight interior. The car was treated to a full restoration in the early 2000s including a bare metal respray and genuine metal RS rear arches. It has recently had a complete suspension set-up and corner weighting at Porsche suspension specialists Centre Gravity and is on the button,

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