1959 Citroen 2CV AZ

Fully restored : Early Ripple Bonnet : Centrifugal Clutch

£15,495 - SOLD

Make: Citroen

Model: 2CV AZ

Date Registered: Jan 1959

MOT Due: N/A

Engine: 425cc 2 Cylinder

Power: 12.5 bhp / 17 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 4 spd manual, FWD

Mileage: 102,465 km indicated

01223 612052


The development of the incomparable Citroën CV dates back to 1936, ie a couple of years after the company had been rescued by Michelin. Research carried out amongst France's largely rural population determined the unique design brief, that called for: a low-priced, rugged `umbrella on four wheels' that would enable four peasants to drive 110lb of farm goods to market at 31mph in clogs and via muddy, unpaved roads; including transporting eggs across a ploughed field without breaking them. Delayed by WWII, production ran for 42 years from 1948, during which 3,872,583 examples were manufactured.

This superb 1959 2CV features all of the original key features that give these cars their charm:

  • Ripple bonnet

  • Centrifugal clutch

  • Lift out front and rear seats

  • Suicide doors

  • Wipers driven by speedometer

  • Small rear lights

  • 2 piece rear number plate

  • Original 425cc engine

  • 6V electrics

It is finished in grey with blue interior trim. Everything on the car works as it should and it has been fully restored. It starts promptly and the centrifugal clutch and column gearshift are great fun to use. The lift out seats are great for car shows or picnics and always generate a smile!

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