1999 Lotus Elise S1
Massive History File : 2 Owners : 135bhp Upgrade
£19,995 - SOLD

Make: Lotus

Model: Elise S1

Date Registered: Oct 1999

MOT Due: October 2022

Engine: 1.8L, 4 Cylinder

Power: 135 bhp / 122 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 5 spd manual, RWD

Mileage: 52,622 Miles

01223 612052
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-1
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-2
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-7
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-3
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-4
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-8
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-5
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-6
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-9
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-12
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-18
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-15
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-16
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-22
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-19
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-20
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-21
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-23
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-17
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-13
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-14
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-11
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-10
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-26
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-27
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-34
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-33
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-30
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-31
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-32
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-24
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-29
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-25
Lotus Elise S1 Yel-28


It was rightly described as the world’s most advanced sports car when it made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1995. Famously named after a grand-daughter of Romano Artioli, the then chairman of Lotus, it was built on a futuristic epoxy-bonded extruded aluminium chassis. Designed and developed in-house at Lotus, it was a genuine innovation that rewrote the rule book on lightweight automotive engineering. Power for the Elise came from Rover’s 1.8-litre 118bhp K-Series engine, transversely mounted behind the two seats. Given the car’s exceptionally light weight, it meant a swift 0-60mph time of 5.5 seconds. The reviews were stellar; this was a new generation of light, agile and pure performance car that thrilled the enthusiastic driver. It racked up numerous trophies, including several ‘Car of the Year’ honours, and was even shortlisted for the Prince of Wales Award for Innovation

This lovely S1 Elise is finished in Mustard Yellow with green leather seats and green hard top, with the following factory options:


  • Driving Lamps

  • Sports Exhaust

  • 135 bhp upgrade kit

  • Cobra Alarm

  • Radio Fitting Kit

  • Hard Top


The car has the original bill of sale and every service invoice from new and it's service history is as follows:


30/09/1999 – PDI – Haydon Daytune Ltd

25/10/1999 – 1,200 miles –   Haydon Daytune Ltd

31/07/2000 -  10,988 miles – Haydon Daytune Ltd

30/03/2001 – 15,352 miles -  Haydon Daytune Ltd

15/12/2001 – 16,941 miles – Cambridge  Car Centre

16/05/2002 - 18,801 miles – Cambridge Car Centre

18/10/2003 – 24,233 miles – Cambridge Car Centre

01/10/2004 – 26,474 miles - GST Performance

07/11/2006 – 29,491 miles – GST Performance

07/11/2007 – 30,359 miles – GST Performance

14/10/2008 – 30,751 miles – GST Performance

15/10/2009 – 31,762 miles – GST Performance

23/04/2010 – 32,864 miles – GST Performance

02/11/2011 – 36,406 miles – GST Performance

01/11/2012 – 39,146 miles – GST Performance

04/11/2013 – 40,839 miles – GST Performance

29/10/2014 – 43,749 miles – GST Performance

03/11/2015 – 45,911 miles – GST Performance

30/10/2017 – 47,550 miles – GST Performance

23/10/2018 – 49,090 miles – GST Performance

22/10/2019 – 50,462 miles – GST Performance

20/10/2020 – 51,929 miles – GST Performance (inc. cam belt replacement)

26/10/2021 – 52,541 miles – GST Performance

It has covered 52k miles and had just two owners from new.

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