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2008 Ferrari F430 F1 Coupe
Low Mileage : Carbon Bucket Seats : Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Make: Ferrari

Model: F430 F1 Coupe

Date Registered: July 2008

MOT Due: Feb 2022

Engine: 4.3 V8

Power: 503 bhp / 350 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 6 sp f1 auto, RWD

Mileage: 11,279 Miles

01223 612052
Ferrari F430 Blk-7
Ferrari F430 Blk-17
Ferrari F430 Blk-11
Ferrari F430 Blk-14
Ferrari F430 Blk-13
Ferrari F430 Blk-18
Ferrari F430 Blk-12
Ferrari F430 Blk-10
Ferrari F430 Blk-9
Ferrari F430 Blk-8
Ferrari F430 Blk-4
Ferrari F430 Blk-15
F430 BLK-1
Ferrari F430 Blk-16
Ferrari F430 Blk-1
F430 BLK-6
Ferrari F430 Blk-2
Ferrari F430 Blk-3
Ferrari F430 Blk-5
Ferrari F430 Blk-6
F430 BLK-2
F430 BLK-3

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Designed by Pininfarina, under the guidance of Frank Stephenson, the body styling of the F430 was revised from its predecessor, the Ferrari 360, to improve its aerodynamic efficiency. Although the drag coefficient remained the same, downforce was greatly enhanced. Despite sharing the same basic Alcoa Aluminium chassis, roof line, doors and glass, the car looked significantly different from the 360. A great extent of Ferrari heritage was included in the exterior design. At the rear, the Enzo's tail lights and engine cover vents were added.

This low mileage F430 is finished in Nero with Nero leather and fitted with the following;


  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes

  • Yellow Brake Calipers

  • Scuderia Ferrari Shields

  • Carbon Large Racing seats

  • Carbon interior trims

  • Glass engine cover

  • Giallo Rev Counter

  • Rear Challenge Grille in Carbon

  • Contrast stitching in Rosso


The car has a full Ferrari service history as follows;


26/07/2008 – PDI – Ferrari Belfast

20/07/2009 – 1,909 miles – Ferrari Belfast

20/07/2010 – 2,672 miles – Ferrari Belfast

21/06/2011 – 3,221 miles – Ferrari Belfast

29/06/2012 – 3,771 miles – Ferrari Belfast

04/07/2013 – 4,425 miles – Ferrari Belfast

17/07/2014 – 5,428 miles – Ferrari Belfast

30/07/2015 – 9,516 miles – Ferrari Belfast

27/10/2016 – 10,322 miles – Ferrari Swindon

08/12/2017 – 10,559 miles – Ferrari Swindon

28/03/2019 – 10,958 miles – Ferrari Swindon

30/06/2020 – 11,140 miles – Ferrari Swindon – New clutch fitted


The car has covered just 11,279 miles. Please contact us for more information or to enquire about our finance or transportation options.

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