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1998 Ferrari 355 GTS F1

F1 Gearbox : Only 15k Miles : Rosso/Crema


Make: Ferrari

Model: 355 F1 GTS

Date Registered: Sept 1998

MOT Due: March 2020

Engine: 3.5L V8

Power: 375 bhp / 268 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 6 spd F1 Auto, RWD

Mileage: 15,113 Miles

01223 612052


The F355 GTS (targa top model) was introduced in 1995. In 1997, the Formula One style paddle shift electrohydraulic manual transmission was introduced, with the model equipped with the new transmission being called the Ferrari 355 F1 (note the dropping of the F before the 355) adding £6,000 to the dealer asking price. The F355 was the last in the series of mid-engine Ferrari models with the Flying Buttress rear window, a lineage going back to the 1965 Dino 206 GT, unveiled at the Paris Auto Show.

This superb 355 F1 GTS is finished in the classic combination of Rosso Corsa with a Crema / Nero leather interior and Bordeaux carpets. It features the following:


  • F1 Gearbox

  • Nero Calipers

  • Comfort seats

  • 18 inch Alloy wheels

The car has only covered 15k miles and had 2 owners, it's service history is below:

28/10/1999 - 3,414 miles, HR Owen Ferrari, Annual service

26/09/2000 - 4,770 miles, HR Owen Ferrari, 6,250 mile service including new spark plugs and air filters

28/09/2001 - 6,205 miles, HR Owen Ferrari,  Annual service including cambelts and auxiliary belts

21/01/2003 - 9,225 miles, HR Owen Ferrari, Annual service

12/03/2004 - 10,856 miles, Hargreaves Racing, Replaced Cam belts and Clutch

20/03/2009 - 13,454 miles, Hargreaves Racing, Annual service  with Cambelts replaced

16/11/2016 - 14,644 miles, Hargreaves Racing, Annual service and Cambelts replaced along with Tensioner Bearings

The car will be serviced at point of sale. Please contact us for more information or to enquire about our finance or transportation options.

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