1994 Mercedes 300 GES
Rare Short Wheel Base : Air Conditioning : Sun Roof

Make: Mercedes

Model: 300 GES

Date Registered: Sept 1994

MOT Due: July 2022

Engine: 3.0L Straight Six

Power: 168 bhp / 140 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 4 spd Auto, 4WD

Mileage: 204,000 Miles

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For 1990, the W460 was extensively revised, and a new chassis number, W463, was assigned. The W463 moved the G-Class from spartan and utilitarian to a luxury model on par with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the luxurious Range Rover. The exterior was revised to smoothen out the front end and the front fenders/wings were vertically flattened out at the front underneath headlamps. The fender flares and front end (cooling grille and headlamp bezels) were painted in body colour. The front bumpers are form-fitted and have integrated fog lamps while the rear bumpers have the integrated red rear fog lamp and white reversing lamp. The fuel filler is now covered by a panel. The side running boards were given a standard fitment. The external rear view mirrors have a new housing that pivots on anchors attached to the front doors. New revised tail lamps without white reversing lamps were fitted in the rear.

The interior was significantly updated with wood trim and leather upholstery for the first time. The centre console is smoother and better integrated with the dashboard and the lower part of the dashboard is covered with rubber pads for better knee protection in the event of a frontal collision. The electric differential lock switches are placed prominently in the middle of the dashboard with other electric switches and the instrument cluster has a smoother and more curved housing that meets the dashboard fluidly. The gauges are integrated into one panel rather than a few separate gauges attached to the instrument cluster. The climate control panel was revised to include the temperature and fan speed dials and the door panels are fully trimmed with ruffled leather paneling and soft paddings. The seats are more plush and have several defined cushions along with lumbar support.

The new features included ABS and full-time four-wheel-drive with electrically locking differentials. The engines were carried over from the W460/W461, including the 200 GE, 230 GE, and 300 GE models for petrol engines along with the 250 GD and 300 GD for diesel engines. In 1994, the Geländewagen was renamed as the G-Class when model names were revised to reflect the new corporate nomenclature.

This rare short wheel base 300GES is finished in silver with a black leather interior and has the following factory options:

  • Leather interior

  • Heated Seats

  • Metallic Paint

  • Outside Temperature Gauge

  • Sliding Rear Windows

  • Sun Roof

  • Air Conditioning

  • Central Locking

  • Alloy Wheels

  • Tow Bar

Amazingly the car has a complete Mercedes service history as shown below:


10/10/1991 – 878 miles – Jacksons Garage Guernsey

02/09/1992 – 5,234 miles – Jacksons Garage Guernsey

05/05/1994 – 13,198 miles – Jacksons Garage Guernsey

30/01/1995 – 18,539 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

28/02/1996 – 25,111 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

08/04/1997 – 30,749 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

20/01/1998 – 34,679 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

14/12/1998 – 41,918 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

02/09/1999 – 47,750 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

26/04/2000 – 53,906 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

11/01/2001 – 60,782 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

11/09/2001 – 67,270 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

12/04/2002 – 72,368 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

15/11/2002 - 78,376 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

26/08/2003 - 81,245 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

19/07/2004 – 90,786 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

22/04/2005 – 96,795 miles – Mercedes-Benz Rawsons

11/01/2006 – 102,831 miles -Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

05/09/2006 – 108,855 miles -Mercedes- Benz Tonbridge

15/08/2007 – 116,757 miles –Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

10/04/2008 – 120,978 miles –Mercedes-Benz  Tonbridge

11/08/2009 – 133,852 miles –Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

29/04/2010 – 139,159 miles - Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

21/02/2011 – 145,566 miles –Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

05/08/2011 – 149,375 miles – Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

02/07/2012 – 155,779 miles – Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

29/05-2013 - 163,025 miles – Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

27/03/2014 – 169,519 miles – Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

07/04/2015 – 176,317 miles – Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

12/11/2015 - 180,242 miles – Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

23/09/2016 - 188,407 miles – Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

14/07/2017 - 193,418 miles – Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge

04/06/2018 – 198,726 miles –Mercedes-Benz Tonbridge


All of the invoices for the above work are present in a huge history file along with many others too - it probably has over 250 pages of history with it. It has now covered 204k miles and presents very well and benefits from recently having had a replacement head gasket fitted. It will be serviced prior to sale.

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