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2010 Porsche 997 GT3 RS Gen 2 3.8
Only 6k Miles : White/Gold : Cat D

Make: Porsche

Model: 997 GT3 RS Gen 2

Date Registered: June 2010

MOT Due: September 2021

Engine: 3.8L Flat 6

Power: 444 bhp / 317 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 6 sp manual, RWD

Mileage: 6,868 miles

01223 612052
997 GT3RS Gold-38
997 GT3RS Gold-40
GT3RS Gold-1
GT3RS Gold-2
GT3RS Gold-3
997 GT3RS Gold-41
997 GT3RS Gold-39
997 GT3RS Gold-37
997 GT3RS Gold-31
997 GT3RS Gold-32
997 GT3RS Gold-25
997 GT3RS Gold-23
997 GT3RS Gold-15
997 GT3RS Gold-29
997 GT3RS Gold-33
997 GT3RS Gold-14
997 GT3RS Gold-30
997 GT3RS Gold-16
997 GT3RS Gold-27
997 GT3RS Gold-24
997 GT3RS Gold-26
997 GT3RS Gold-28
997 GT3RS Gold-2
997 GT3RS Gold-1
997 GT3RS Gold-6
997 GT3RS Gold-5
997 GT3RS Gold-7
997 GT3RS Gold-4
997 GT3RS Gold-3
997 GT3RS Gold-36
997 GT3RS Gold-11
997 GT3RS Gold-35
997 GT3RS Gold-21
997 GT3RS Gold-22
997 GT3RS Gold-20
997 GT3RS Gold-19
997 GT3RS Gold-10
997 GT3RS Gold-8
997 GT3RS Gold-9
997 GT3RS Gold-34

Walk around and test drive


The 997 GT3 RS is 20 kg lighter than the 997 GT3, weighing in at 1,370 kg. This weight-saving was achieved by the use of an adjustable carbon plastic wing, a steel engine cover, and a lightweight plastic windscreen. The body of the 997 GT3 RS is 64 mm wider at the rear than the 997 GT3 (a legacy from the Carrera 4 models with which it shares its shell). The muscular-looking rear end conceals a wider track that not only improves directional stability but also increases the potential cornering grip. However, drag is increased and top speed reduced due to the larger rear wing.

This extremely low mileage Porsche 997 GT3 RS is finished in Carrara white with a black/red interior and fitted with the following options:

  • Interior trim in Carbon

  • 997 RS 4.0 carbon seats in leather with red Alcantara

  • Door entry guards in carbon with GT3 logo

  • Black safety roll cage 

  • Rear section of centre console in carbon

  • Steering wheel in Alcantara

  • Gear lever in Alcantara

  • Handbrake in Alcantara

  • Homelink

  • Prep for mobile phone

  • Universal audio interface

  • White Gold GT3 RS Decals

  • 19” GT3 Wheels in White Gold with centre locks

  • Steel Brakes

  • Electronic Air conditioning

  • Electronic damper control (PASM)

  • Porsche stability management (PSM)

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system

  • Sport Chrono Package plus

  • PCM 

The service history is as follows;


14/06/2012 – 3,027 miles – Ramus Porsche Specialists

19/06/2014 – 5,450 miles – Ramus Porsche Specialists

23/06/2016 – 5,951 miles – Ramus Porsche Specialists

19/06/2018 -  6,220 miles – Porsche Centre Wolverhampton

05/08/2020 – 6,813 miles – Northway Porsche Ltd

This is a C16 UK car from new and has covered just 6k miles from new. Sadly, when it was only a few months old, it suffered a low speed accident due to aquaplaning (Michelin Cup tyres....) and struck a petrol pump causing relatively minor front end damage. We have inspected the car and it presents very well - it only needed superficial repairs bodywork wise. The roof, doors and nearside rear wing have factory original paint showing how minor the accident was - we assume that the original owner elected not to have it repaired and thus it was declared a Cat D. The car was sold on by the insurance company and subsequently repaired and had the interior upgraded to genuine RS 4.0 specification (carbon black/red bucket seats and two tone door cards etc) It has been under Porsche extended warranty until as recently as June 2019 and this could be re-applied if the new buyer wishes (up to the car being 12 years old)

Please contact us for more information or to enquire about our finance or transportation options.

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