1986 Porsche 944 Lux Automatic

Only 11k Miles : Totally Original


Make: Porsche

Model: 944 Lux

Date Registered: Jan 1986

MOT Due: Oct 2020

Engine: 2.5L 4 Cylinder

Power: 163 bhp /151 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 3 spd Auto, RWD

Mileage: 11,700 Miles

01223 612052


The 944 was an evolutionary development of the super successful 924 that transformed a recession-hit Porsche sales during the late 1970s. The 924's main driving asset was its well balanced handling and this transferred to the 944. What the 924 needed - badly - was more power and this came with the 944's new, all aluminium, 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine. 2.5-litres is big for a 4 cylinder, but clever balance shafts either side of the crankcase gave the overhead camshaft engine a silky smoothness. The interior came from the Gen 2 924 Turbo and the appearance, perhaps the 944's greatest attraction, was an aggressive makeover in the style of the limited edition 924 Carrera GT. The bottom line was a thoroughbred Porsche that was easy to drive around town, yet had agile overtaking and cruising ability combined with interior refinement. A new 5-speed gearbox gave the model long legs for easy cruising (a 3-speed auto was also available but rarely chosen). Another asset inherited from the 924 was the staggering versatility of its design. The opening tailgate brought unheard of practicality to owning a Porsche. With the rear seats folded flat, this was a car into which you could get most medium sized domestic appliances!

This superb Porsche 944 Lux is finished in Guards red with a pinstripe cloth/vinyl interior. It is fitted with the following options taken from it's original sticker:

  • 15" Teledial alloy wheels

  • Passenger door mirror (261)

  • Anti roll bars front and rear (404)

  • Top tinted windscreen (567)

  • Electric windows (651)

  • Power steering (657)

The car is totally original and has covered just 11,700 miles from new with only 2 owners in that time. The car has been stored in our facility from 1997 when the second owner purchased it to the present day. As previously mentioned it is totally original down to the tyres it was first delivered with (which will be changed at point of sale if the buyer so desires) and has a full file of invoices for servicing with every MoT test certificate and storage invoices - the service history is as follows:

17/01/96 - First delivery by Lancaster Porsche Colchester

19/3/86 - 383 miles - Lancaster Porsche Colchester

10/02/87 - 2,543 miles - Lancaster Porsche Colchester

12/01/88 - 3,764 miles - Lancaster Porsche Colchester

06/01/89 - 4,619 miles - Lancaster Porsche Colchester

04/01/90 - 5,270 miles - Lancaster Porsche Colchester

04/01/91 - 6,429 miles - Lancaster Porsche Colchester

16/01/92 - 6,836 miles - Lancaster Porsche Colchester

12/01/93 - 7,260 miles - Lancaster Porsche Bow

04/01/94 - 7,341 miles - Lancaster Porsche Bow

05/01/95 - 7,350 miles - Lancaster Porsche Bow

03/01/96 - 7,423 miles - Lancaster Porsche Bow

08/01/97 - 7,459 miles - Lancaster Porsche Bow

01/04/97 - Change of keeper to current owner (second owner of vehicle)

01/07/97 - Car placed into Autostore Europe Ltd for long term storage and exercised regularly to present date

16/03/99 - 8,980 miles - Lancaster Porsche Cambridge

16/04/18 - 11,697 miles - Autostore Europe Ltd, Replaced all belts, pulleys, water pump, thermostat

Over the years that we have stored the car we have carried out minor oil changes and we will complete an oil and brake fluid service at point of sale. The car has it's original and complete book pack and a full set of keys and is ready to enjoy or show. As far as we are aware the paint is all original and it is as it left the factory. It has all of the previous MoT test certificates to back up it's mileage but the condition shows this too!

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