2021 Toyota GR Yaris
Circuit Pack : Scarlet Flare Pearlescent : BBS Forged Alloys

Make: Toyota

Model: GR Yaris

Date Registered: Oct 2021

MOT Due: October 2024

Engine: 3 cyl, 1.6L Turbo

Power: 257 bhp / 265 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 6 spd manual, 4WD

Mileage: 4,014 miles

01223 612052
GR Yaris-1
GR Yaris-2
GR Yaris-6
GR Yaris-5
GR Yaris-4
GR Yaris-3
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GR Yaris-34


When the XP210 Yaris hatchback was developed, Toyota decided to only offer it in a five-door bodywork, as three-door hatchbacks had been diminishing in popularity. This posed a problem for Toyota's WRC team, which felt only a three-door hatch was suitable for competition. Working together with the rally team, the Gazoo Racing division built prototypes and development mules by heavily modifying production Yaris vehicles that were then reverse-engineered into a car that would work for the average customer. One of the major changes came when the team decided they wanted the three-door hatchback to have four-wheel drive, a wider rear track and a double wishbone suspension layout to handle significantly increased torque. The design changes required that the GR Yaris be built on a combination between the front end of the standard Yaris' GA-B architecture with the rear of the GA-C platform used by the Corolla, among other Toyota products. To save weight, the GR Yaris also uses aluminium for the front bonnet, boot lid and door panels. It also uses carbon fibre-reinforced plastic for its roof panel which was formed using the sheet molding compound method. The production car is powered by a Gazoo Racing-built, turbocharged and direct/port-injected 1.6-litre G16E-GTS three-cylinder engine that produces 257 and 266 lb⋅ft of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed V16-series intelligent manual transmission ("iMT") and "GR-Four" permanent four-wheel drive system. It has a claimed 0–62 mph acceleration in 5.5 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 143 mph.

This GR Yaris is finished in Scarlet Flare Pearlescent with black alcantara like upholstery with the following specification:


  • 18 inch BBS Forged 10 spoke alloy wheels

  • Mirror riser upgrade

  • SW Motorsports seat lowering upgrade

  • Sport seats with GR embossed in headrest

  • Multifunction 3 spoke leather steering wheel

  • Privacy glass

  • GR Floor mats

  • Front and rear Limited slip differential

  • Sports suspension

  • Red Brake Calipers

  • Rear reversing camera

  • LED headlights

  • Cruise control

  • Climate control

  • Auto dimming interior rear view mirror

  • Bluetooth

  • Electric folding mirrors

  • Automatic rain sensor

  • Stop start ignition

  • Keyless entry

  • Rear spoiler


It has covered just 4k miles and it's service history is as follows:


03/11/2021 – 11 miles – Toyota Swindon - PDI

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