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Our in house detailing studio is run by Cambridge Autogleam.

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Car preparation at many used car companies and even at main dealers of premium brands can leave a lot to be desired. Products sold as offering 'lifetime' protection often drastically underperform and can be applied with such haste and absence of skill or care that they can actually cause more harm than good to the vehicles paintwork.


At Autostore we take care care seriously, so we called upon the services of one of the UK's top detailers. 

Cambridge Autogleam have been detailing for over 17 years, and are now based full time at Autostore, meaning we can provide the convenience of having your newly purchased car detailed and protected here onsite prior to your collection.

We can also arrange wheel refurbishing and paintless dent removal, either independently or in connection with a detailing package and all without the car ever leaving the security of our site.

Using careful paint correction techniques and tried and tested protective coatings, we can produce and maintain a flawless finish. Cambridge Autogleam are Gtechniq Accredited so sealants applied by them will be guaranteed for up to 9 years. Please contact us for further details or visit

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Audio and Security






Adding to our impressive list of in-house services, we can now offer audio and security upgrades through Cambridge Autosound.

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Car security is a hot topic at the moment, with many insurers insisting on a Thatcham Cat S5 product before they will even offer a policy.


Recognising this need and to offer you peace of mind from day one, we can supply and install a Meta Trak tracker and immobiliser before you take collection.

Meta Trak S5 VTS starts at £599

Meta Trak S5 deadlock starts at £699

For details on all Meta Trak options, please visit

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We can also carry out anything from head unit upgrades, adding modern functions like bluetooth and DAB to older vehicles, to full blown, multi amplifier audio transformations.

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