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Paint Protection Film (PPF)


Our in house, custom built PPF studio is operated by Jules Sturgess Automotive.

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Product Features


The film, which is a thin, multi-layer material is the perfect way to protect your paint because it is virtually invisible when applied to the paintwork. It has near perfect optical clarity so will not change the colour of you paintwork. Moreover it does not yellow in, or inhibit UV light meaning the paint under the film will react to UV light in exactly the same way the unprotected parts of the car do (all paint will naturally slightly discolour and fade in direct sunlight over time). 

Personalised Fitment


The film is cut, on site, from computer generated templates provided by the film manufacturer to allow perfect fitment to the contours and panels of your car. 


These templates are not set in stone. In-fact Jules extends templates on nearly every installation so that the film can be wrapped into panels making it almost invisible. If your car is not included in our databases, we are happy to discuss a custom fitment or customised template for your individual needs. We have the equipment to produce proper templates and also work with classic cars, which are commonly not templated by the manufacturer.

We NEVER cut on the car.  

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Please contact us at for further details, or visit

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