1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4
Fully Restored : Good History : Extremely Rare

Make: Ferrari

Model: 365 GTC/4

Date Registered: Feb 1972

MOT Due: August 2021

Engine: 4.4L V12

Power: 340 bhp / 320 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 5 sp manual, RWD

Mileage: 61,375 Miles

01223 612052
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-3
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-4
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-23
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-43
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-26
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-24
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-25
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-5
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-2
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-1
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-6
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-42
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-34
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Ferrari 365 GTC-4-9
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-33
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Ferrari 365 GTC-4-27
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Ferrari 365 GTC-4-40
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-39
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-49
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-48
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-47
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-45
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-46
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-44
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-41
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-37
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-36
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-31
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-35
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-21
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-19
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-15
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-17
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-18
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-14
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-22
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-13
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-11
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-12
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-16
Ferrari 365 GTC-4-20

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The Ferrari 365 GTC/4 (Type F101) is a 2+2 grand tourer produced by Ferrari from 1971 to 1972. It was based on the chassis of the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. In the very short two-year production run 505 examples of the GTC/4 were produced. 

With its wedge shape, fastback silhouette, sharp creases and hidden headlamps the GTC/4's styling clearly reflects the 365 GTB/4 Daytona it was based on. Power steering, electric windows and air conditioning were standard. The cabin was upholstered in mixed leather and tartan fabric, unique to this model and unusual for a Ferrari, with full leather upholstery an option. The 365 GTC/4 shared the chassis and engine block as the 365 GTB/4 Daytona, riding on the same wheelbase and suspension. Many changes were made to make it a more comfortable grand tourer than its two-seat predecessor and sibling. These included softer spring rate and hydraulic power steeringThe V12 was detuned to 340 PS  from the Daytona, to provide a more tractable response suited to a GT-oriented Ferrari. In place of the Daytona's downdraft setup, six twin-choke side-draft Weber carburetors were used, whose lower profile made possible the car's lower and sloping hood line. The 5-speed all-synchronised manual transmission was bolted to the engine, another difference from the Daytona which used a transaxle. However the set back placement of the engine and transmission still allowed the car to achieve a near perfect 51:49 weight distribution. The gearbox was rigidly connected to the alloy housing of the rear differential through a torque tube.

This beautiful 365 GTC/4 is finished in Nero with a black leather interior has the following specification:

  • Air Conditioning

  • Central locking

  • Tracker

  • Cromadora magnesium wheels

  • Classic style Hi-Fi system with bluetooth (original Blaupunkt also with car)

  • Classic Garage replacement adjustable Koni rear shocks (original self levelling ones with car)

  • Front and rear modern seat belts

  • Unique ProBax front bucket seats retrimmed in original Connolly leather (original seats also with car)

This particular car was first delivered in a silver/black colour combination during February 1972 to Paris and it remained there until 1999 in the hands to two owners at which point it was sold to a buyer in the USA. It was in the USA from 1999 until 2012 and during that time it had 2 owners and had the exterior colour changed to Giallo Fly. In 2013 it was purchased by a Swiss buyer and we then purchased it from him on behalf of the current owner, a storage client of ours in 2017. 

It has good history from the time it spent in the USA where it mainly received servicing and preventative maintenance work and it had covered just 95k KM by the time it went to Switzerland in 2013. Upon arrival in Switzerland it was subject to a fully documented (with photos) £110k mechanical restoration by two Ferrari specialists (Reidholz Garage Walter Historische Sporwagen) This restoration concentrated on all of the mechanicals and underside only and so the following received attention:

  • Full engine rebuild

  • Full gearbox rebuild

  • Full suspension overhaul / rebuild with all components repainted

  • Air conditioning and cooling systems overhauled

  • Total underside of car stripped and repainted/protected

  • All other underside components removed, cleaned and painted

All of the invoices for parts and labour (some £110k) for the above work are present along with many photos detailing it all. When we purchased the car for our client he sparingly drove it for a year and then we carried out the following:

  • Distributor overhaul and full rolling road carburetor set up (300bhp resultant power)

  • Full exhaust system replacement (stainless steel)

  • Removed rear self levelling dampers and replaced with specially designed Koni adjustable coil overs (common as the self levelling originals leak and fail over time) Originals are in serviceable condition and included in sale

  • Fitted modern front and rear seat belts (only using original mounting points)

  • Replace all dashboard backlighting

By this point the Giallo Fly paintwork (applied sometime during it's stay in the USA) was looking a little tired along with the mouse hair interior trim so we then carried out an interior overhaul and re-paint of the car. Our client chose an original 1970's Ferrari Nero for the exterior as he wanted the rubber bumpers to blend in to the overall profile of the car. The interior received a full set of Wilton carpets throughout (originals kept and come with car) and a pair of Lotus ProBax seats fully retrimmed in original '70s Ferrari Connolly leather and in exactly the same stitching pattern etc as the rest of the interior (all sourced from the only supplier of mouse hair and the correct Connolly leather in the Netherlands) All of the rest of the leather in the car is original. The original front seats are still with the car and are included in the sale - we can't see why anyone would choose them over the ones currently fitted though! This work all totaled around £30k and now the car is absolutely on the button and drives superbly. In summary this car has received some £140k of expenditure in the last 7 years or so resulting in a fantastically prepared example that is ready to drive anywhere. 

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