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1994 Ferrari Mondial 3.4T

Very Rare Valeo Automated Clutch : Low Mileage : Recent Cam Belt


Make: Ferrari

Model: Mondial 3.4T Valeo

Date Registered: 1994

MOT Due: Nov 2021

Engine: 3.4L V8 

Power: 291 bhp / 238 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 5 spd manual, RWD

Mileage: 23,309 Miles

01223 612052

Walk around and test drive


The final Mondial evolution was 1989's Mondial t (Coupe and Cabriolet). and was a substantially changed model, It was visually different from preceding Mondial models, the most recognisable being the redesign of the air intakes to a smaller rectangular shape. Additionally, the door-handles were of a visually different design, as were the front and rear bumpers which became body coloured. New front and rear wings cover wider tracks and are re-profiled to a fuller shape compared to previous models, which feature a rolled lip. The 't' called attention to the car's new engine/transmission layout: the previously transverse engine mounted longitudinally while the gearbox remained transverse, thus forming a 't'. By adopting this layout, a longer engine could be mounted lower in the chassis, improving handling dramatically.. The transverse manual gearbox fitted with a Limited Slip Differential with a twin-plate clutch design with bevel gears driving the wheels. Later in production, a Semi-automatic transmission termed "Valeo" was available as an option; while shifting was using a traditional gear lever, the clutch was actuated automatically without a clutch pedal. The engine was up to 3.4 L (3405 cc) and 300 hp. The engine controlled by Bosch Motronic DME 2.5 (later DME 2.7) electronic engine management that integrated EFI and ignition control into a single computer unit. Two of these used in the car: one for each bank of the engine. Engine lubrication upgraded to a dry-sump system.

This extremely rare Valeo controlled clutch equipped Mondial t is finished in Blue Sera with a pale grey interior and features the following:

  • Valeo automated clutch control

  • Electric windows and mirrors

  • Central locking

  • Air conditioning

The car started it's life in Jersey and then came over to the UK in 2003 and it's service history is as follows:

23/03/1994 - First delivery - Ferrari Melbourne Garage Jersey

10/06/1994 - Running in service - Ferrari Melbourne Garage Jersey

28/04/1995 - 3,987 miles - Ferrari Melbourn Garage Jersey, 6,250 mile Service

11/09/1998 - 12,928 miles - JDK Maranello Ferrari Jersey, 12,500 miles Service with Cambelts

21/03/2002 - 17,377 miles - Five Oaks Ferrari Jersey, 18,750 mile Full Service with Cambelts

10/04/2003 - 18,363 miles - Imported to the UK from Jersey

25/07/2005 - 20,131 miles - Nick Cartwright Ferrari Specialist, Annual service with Cambelts

2005 - 2015 Vehicle stored with MOT test certificates available to verify mileage

09/02/2015 - 21,750 miles - Nick Cartwright Ferrari Specialist, Annual service with Cambelts

26/03/2018 - 22,464 miles - Autostore Europe Ltd, Annual service

14/03/2020 - 23,124 miles - Lancaster Ferrari, Annual service

16/09/2020 - 23,128 miles - Autostore Europe Ltd, Engine out Cambelt service and minor oil leak rectification (£3k)

The car has just had an engine out service to replace the cambelt and to also rectify the usual small oil leaks (at a cost of £3k) and now the car drives superbly. 

This example is one of the small number produced by Ferrari in collaboration with French automotive company Valeo and it features a unique transmission system. The Valeo system still utilised a five speed transaxle, but they were fitted with no clutch pedal, as the clutch was operated by an electro-mechanical actuator. This system is capable of engaging and disengaging the clutch in 0.02 seconds, and was originally developed for use by Lancia's rally team for use in the Integrale, allowing their drivers to use one foot for the brake at all times. All the driver needs to do is lift off the accelerator, upshift or downshift as needed, and re-apply the accelerator. This unique system is reported to be very reliable and was available on both the coupe and convertible body styles of the Mondial. Valeo also produced a similar gearbox for a one off F40 for Fiat boss Gianni Agnelli.

The car has all of its original manuals/handbooks and tool kit and is a very interesting alternative to the usual 4 seater sports cars!

Please contact us for more information or to enquire about our finance or transportation options.

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