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2004 Noble M12 GTO-3R

420bhp Stage 4 upgrade

£48,995 - SOLD

Make: Noble

Model: M12 GTO-3R

Date Registered: March 2004

MOT Due: May 2019

Engine: 3.0 V6 bi-turbo

Power: 420 bhp

Drivetrain: 6 sp manual, RWD

Mileage: 31,128 

01223 612052


Giant-killing was just one reason why the critics loved the Noble. It wasn’t just that this twin-turbo, V6-powered, mid-engined machine worked, and worked brilliantly. It was also that this car, which was able to compete, dynamically at least, with the best of junior supercars, came from a cottage-industry car-maker with minimal resources and little more than one man’s vision – a vision that  encompassed design, engineering, chassis tuning, manufacture, the lot. There was something of the Colin Chapman about Lee Noble.

This Noble M12 GTO-3R is finished in Grey with Orin grey leather interior. It has a 6 speed manual gearbox, air conditioning, CD/radio with auxiliary input and remote central locking. This car has also been fitted with the Noble Motorsport Stage 4 upgrade consisting of the following:


  • Larger intercooler

  • Strengthened engine internals

  • Larger turbochargers

  • Dynamic ECU remap


The above work cost £4300, brings the power to 420bhp and the invoice for the work is present in the very extensive history file for the car. The car has been owned by a Noble enthusiast since 2008 and it is entirely standard other than the recognised engine upgrade. It has just had a major service and is absolutely on the button at present.


It's service history booklet is present and has the following stamps (all backed up with invoices)


07/2004 - 949miles – Nick Whale Sports Cars

05/2005 – 3,034 miles – Noble Motorsport

09/2005 – 4,800 miles – Noble Motorsport (Including Stage 4 engine upgrade)

08/2006 – 6,881 miles – Noble East Anglia

08/2007 – 11,220 miles – Noble East Anglia

12/2008 – 12,655 miles – Noble East Anglia

11/2009 – 17,673 miles – Noble East Anglia

01/2011 – 20.177 miles – Noble East Anglia

12/2011 – 23,175 miles – Noble East Anglia

02/2013 – 25,655 miles – Noble East Anglia

06/2014 – 27,047 miles – Noble East Anglia

07/2015 – 29,363 miles – Noble East Anglia

10/2016 – 30,705 miles – Autostore Europe Ltd

06/2018 – 31,143 miles – Autostore Europe Ltd


Other than general servicing as listed above the car has needed nothing other than brakes and tyres (all invoices present) and it has had the usual floor re-seal carried out. There is also a very rare 6 piece luggage set available with the car giving it touring capability – indeed it is surprising how much luggage can be packed into the cars (mainly on the rear luggage shelf)

Please contact us for more information or to enquire about our finance or transportation options.

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