1999 TVR Griffith 500
Low Mileage : Halcyon Midas Yellow : Large History File

Make: TVR

Model: Griffith 500

Date Registered: July 1999

MOT Due: July 2023

Engine: 5.0l V8

Power: 340 bhp / 320 lb.ft

Drivetrain: 5 spd manual, RWD

Mileage: 19,874 miles

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Like its forerunner namesakes, the Griffith 200 and Griffith 400, the modern Griffith was a lightweight (1,060 kg) fiberglass-bodied, 2-door, 2-seat sports car with a V8 engine. Originally, it used a 4.0L 240 hp Rover V8 engine, but that could be optionally increased to 4.3L 280 hp in 1992 with a further option of big-valve cylinder heads. In 1993, with a TVR-developed 5.0L 340hp version of the Rover V8 became available. All versions of the Griffith use the Lucas Industries 14CUX engine management system. All models use a five-speed manual transmission from Rover and TREMEC. Although the Griffith was almost mechanically identical to its sister car, the Chimaera, it had a different body design and was produced in much smaller numbers.

This late Griffith 500 is finished in Halcyon Midas with a Prussian Blue half hide interior with stitched in yellow with the following specification:


  • Navy carpets ( piped in yellow )

  • Navy hood

  • Leven switchgear

  • Aluminium handbrake lever

  • Stainless steel pedals

  • Silicone hoses,

  • Poly bushes ( anti-roll bar )

  • Adjustable shock absorbers

  • Front and rear suspension powder coated

  • Cibie main beam headlamp upgrade

  • DAB Radio

  • Surrey folding roof

  • Optimate charging plug fitted under glove box


The car has covered just 19k miles and it's service history is as follows:


19/07/1999 – PDI – Christopher Neil Ltd, Northwich

17/12/1999 – 944 miles – TVR Specialist Christopher Neil Ltd, Northwich

17/07/2002 – 2,201 miles –TVR Specialist Christopher Neil Ltd, Northwich

19/08/2005 – 2,810 miles –TVR Specialist  Christopher Neil Ltd, Northwich

28/08/2007 – 3,326 miles – Torque RVT, TVR Specialist

18/08/2009 – 7,664 miles – TVR Specialist, Hexham Horseless Carriages

10/02/2010 – 8,300 miles – Track V Road Ltd

20/06/2011 – 9,082 miles – Torque Flyte TVR Specialists

10/02/2014 – 10,190 miles – Torque Flyte TVR Specialists

29/06/2016 – 13,100 miles – Kerridges TVR Specialists

26/07/2017 – 16,294 miles – Kerridges TVR Specialists

01/08/2018 – 17,699 miles – Kerridges TVR Specialists

29/07/2019 – 18,030 miles - Kerridges TVR Specialists

06/11/2020 – 18,263 miles – Kerridges TVR Specialists

07/05/2021 – 18,378 miles – Kerridges TVR Specialists

21/10/2021 - 19,372 miles - Autostore Europe Ltd

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